It’s In the Bag! Allergy Sufferers, Get a Bagged Vacuum Cleaner!

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Achoo! It’s allergy season. Is your vacuum up to the task of removing those allergens from your home? Are you just introducing some of those particles back into the air of your home after vacuuming when you empty your vacuum? You might be doing just that if you’re using a bagless vacuum. If you’re really serious about getting your home dust and allergen free, get a bagged vacuum.

The Bagged Vacuum

Bagged vacuum cleaners are just perfect for you if you:

  • Want a clean environment in your house
  • Suffer from allergies
  • Prefer HEPA filtration system
  • You don’t want to spend as much time on maintenance

Clean Environment

Bagged vacuums are very hygienic. Technological developments over the years help keep the dirt, debris and possible allergens securely inside the bag, both during vacuuming and when disposing of the bag.

Some bags, like the Miele Air Clean Filter Bags, seal themselves once removed from the vacuum. This feature makes it possible to almost eliminate any post-vacuuming dust exposure. This bag and the self sealing, Riccar HEPA Media Vacuum Bags, hold almost two pounds of debris. With their odor-absorbing materials, there isn’t the threat of a lingering stench. Then, when you finally do need to remove the bag, it will seal itself closed.

Allowing you to remove and dispose of the bag without making a huge mess helps prevent those potential allergens from getting back into the air, and possibly affecting your health. Also, you won’t have to clean or replace the filter as often, a chore that should be done frequently with bagless models.

Removal of Allergens

Bagged vacuums are also the recommended type of vacuum cleaner for allergy sufferers. The bag itself works as a great filter and is extremely effective at trapping dust, debris and other contaminant inside the bag. Because the bags are airtight, it’s virtually impossible for the dust and allergens to escape back into the air and affect you again.

HEPA Filtration

Double the filtration with HEPA bags as described above coupled with separate HEPA filters. Vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters are highly recommended for everyone, but especially those that frequently suffer from allergy symptoms. In order to earn the name “HEPA,” the filters have to go through rigorous testing to ensure that they can capture at least 99.97% of particulates 0.3 microns or larger. On top of that, HEPA filters remove more dust and pollen from the air than any other type of filter available, especially within vacuum cleaners.

Less Maintenance

Vacuum cleaners with bags generally require less maintenance than their bagless counterparts. The quality of vacuums made by Miele and Riccar are unparalleled. In addition, many models of bags can hold up to two pounds of debris, so they don’t need changed nearly as often. Bags with filters built in never need to be cleaned. Thus, you always know exactly when is the best time to replace the filter.

Bagless Vacuums

Bagless units are really trending right now because they’re often cheaper, comfortable and usually transparent. However, plastic bins have some flaws. Besides the smaller capacity, emptying them is a messy business.

The Canister

Plumes of dust billow out, and a stench fills the air. Unless you have an empty trash bag or a deep trash can, there will be dust flying out everywhere when you dump the stuff out. Then, even if you do get everything where it should be, there’s a good chance that the surface of your trash bag is going to be lined with dust. Anything you place into that bag will cause more dust to go into the air.

Then, there’s the stuff that sticks to the filter, the container, or the blower mechanisms. How do you remove that stuck stuff? Many choose to stick their hands in there to get rid of it, especially if it is pet fur. Yuck!

Think of a trashcan with a bag and without a bag. The trashcan without a bag you take out to the dumpster, turn it upside-down, and empty it. While you do this, you get a puff of debris in your face, and you’re left scraping trash off the side of the can. With a trash bag, you just tie it up, pull it out, and dispose of it with no mess.

The Filter

Filters need to be changed (or washed) often on bagless vacuums. These filters are often foam or other washable material that must be cleaned often. In bagged vacuums, the bag serves as the filter. It’s disposed of when you change the bag.

So, Just Bag It!

The choice between a vacuum that uses a bag and a vacuum that is bagless is a choice that might feel inconsequential to some, but it’s an important decision each homeowner must make. A good vacuum is an investment and it’s a choice that should be made with serious consideration.

Bag vacuum cleaners are a more suitable option for households that need an improvement in air quality. These vacuums produce less dust, remove more contaminants from floors, carpet, and upholstery. In general, bagged vacuums need to be emptied less often than their bagless cousins.

The Environment

A couple of notes about being good stewards of our environment. First of all, vacuums like the Riccar and Miele are made to last! They come with warranties from 5 to 10 years and, of course, and last much longer than that! In addition, the vacuum bags are biodegradable. No plastic bins for the landfills.

Test Drive

Purchasing a new vacuum cleaner probably seems like a simple task, but once you start to explore explore all of the options, features, brands and accessories, the process can quickly become overwhelming. At first glance, vacuum cleaners come in so many models from dozens of brands all with their own set of features and accessories. The prices range can from under $100 to over $2,000. With so many choices and factors to consider it can be hard to decide which unit is right for you.

Photo of Riccar bagged vacuum on carpet for test drive

That’s why we’re here! Come into any one of our Rocky Mountain Sewing AND Vacuum stores and take a test drive of one of our Miele, Riccar or Simplicity vacuums. We’ll help you figure out what bagged vacuum best suits your needs.

Bring in your vacuum when you come, and we’ll give it a mini tune-up for free* when you test drive a Miele, Riccar or Simplicity bagged vacuum (coupon and terms below).

Vacuum T.L.C.

Don’t worry about the cost of vacuum bags when you purchase our Vacuum T.L.C. package with your new vacuum. For $99, when you purchase a new vacuum from us, you’ll receive:

  • One service free (Value starting at $69.99). This complete service cleans, lubricates, and maintains your vacuum like new.
  • One year supply of bags free! (Average value $50). One year supply is equivalent to 12 bags or one free HEPA filter.
  • Lifetime vacuum discount (average value $200). Save 25% off bags, belts, filters, accessories, service and parts for the lifetime of the vacuum.


Use the coupon below to get a free mini-tune up (valued at $19.99) on your vacuum cleaner at any of our locations when you come in for a test drive on a Miele, Riccar or Simplicity bagged vacuum. Please note, any extended labor and all parts are extra.

coupon for mini tune up

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