2019 UFO Challenge At RMSV

by Cathy Ellsaesser, posted on

Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re once again challenging you! It’s time to start the 2019 UFO Challenge! We had so many requests to do the UFO challenge again, we are going to do it. We’ll try to make it a little simpler, but of course, you have to do the real work. How many will you get done this year?

But first, a look back a 2018.

2018 Results

The final tally of the 2018 UFO challenge entries:

  • Aurora — 924 entries
  • Littleton — 1240 entries
  • Arvada — 860 entries
  • Colorado Springs — 526 entries.

Total 3550 entries!

If you assume 2 entries per project (more or less), then our wonderful customers completed well over 1,700 UFO projects in 2018. Woo Hoo! That’s a lot of OFUs

We had at least 150 people participate across all stores. Just look back at some of the Sew Fun albums on our Facebook page to see a sampling of all the wonderful projects that were completed in 2018.


The oldest UFO completed was started 52 years ago by one of our Aurora customers.

Barbara A. won the Brother 1750D machine at the Aurora store.

Kim A. won the machine at the Littleton store.

Judy B. won at the Arvada store.

Joanne M. won at the Colorado Springs store.

I think all of us who got some old projects off our plates were winners as well!

2019 UFO Challenge

So once, again, make your list, check it twice….oh, that’s a different event. Do make your list of 12 projects you want to complete this year. Click here to download the entry form.

2019 UFO Challenge Project List

No need to get the form approved by the store personnel. Just bring it with you whenever you complete a project, the store will mark it complete and give you a raffle ticket.  As in 2018, you’ll get two tickets for showing your project at Sew Fun Show and Tell.  One raffle ticket if you bring it by the store, but don’t show it at Show and Tell.

Please note, you must be a member of Sew Fun to participate in the 2019 UFO Challenge.

The Prize for the 2019 UFO Challenge

We’re NOT giving away an embroidery/sewing machine for the 2019 UFO Challenge, but how about a $500 RMSV gift card for the raffle winner at each store? Think of all the fun you can have with that! So, download the entry form, make your list, and get sewing.

photo of gift card to be awarded at end of 2019 UFO Challenge

Here Comes the Rules

Follow instructions below for a productive year of sewing! Download a copy of these instructions and rules by clicking here.


  1. By the end of the year, you could have 12 “OFUs (Object Finished Up)!”
  2. Download the 2019 UFO Challenge entry form. This is a PDF form so you can type in your name, store, projects and % complete. Of course, you can print a blank form and also fill it out with a pen.
  3. Fill in twelve projects that you want to finish this year. You can choose from any of your UFOs. If you have a kit you bought but never opened, or fabric you’ve been holding on to for too long, add using it up to the list. Any unfinished sewing project can be on the list.
  4. Start working to complete your projects! Projects can be done in any order.
  5. When you’ve completed your project, either bring it into the store along with your project list to be checked off by store staff OR bring it to Sew Fun for Show and Tell to be checked off. Please be sure to bring your form with you so that project can be stamped as complete.


  1. You must be a Sew Fun member to present your completed projects at Sew Fun meetings. You can join Sew Fun at any time.
  2. Definition of Complete:  ALL DONE! That object is an OFU (Object Finished Up).
  3. A project can be any type of sewing project – quilting, fashion, craft, home décor, etc.
  4. A UFO project can be at any stage of completion, including “not yet started”. Ideally is should be a project that you have started, but could also be something you have been meaning to start, and likely have most of the materials already.
  5. You are responsible for keeping track of your list and for bringing your list to your local store with your completed projects.
  6. Contest is conducted at each store separately.

Grand Prize Raffle Tickets

Raffle ticket for 2019 UFO Challenge

  1. You will receive one raffle ticket for the grand prize drawing for each completed project up to a total of 12 projects.
  2. If you present your OFU (object finished up) at Sew Fun you will receive an additional raffle ticket.
  3. If you cannot show your completed project at Sew Fun,  bring your completed project (or a picture of it) to your local Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum store and  have your finished project checked off by store staff . You will receive one raffle ticket for that.
  4. If you complete 12 projects, you will receive one additional raffle ticket. This additional ticket will be awarded at the December 2019 Sew Fun Open Houses.

The Grand Prize

  1. We will award a grand prize for the 2019 UFO Challenge at each store at the December, 2019, Christmas Sew Fun Open Houses.
  2. Winners of the grand prizes will be determined by random drawing of names of those entered as projects were completed.
  3. Winners of the grand prizes need not be present at the Christmas Sew Fun Open House to win.
  4. Only one grand prize per person, even if they have raffle tickets entered at multiple stores.

The Grand Prize Drawing winner at each store will receive a $500 gift card to Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum.

We so look forward to seeing your “Objects Finished Up” (OFUs) at Sew Fun this year. See you in January.  Happy New Year and happy sewing!



Cathy Ellsaesser

Thanks so much for the recommendation of Hands All Around. I will certainly add it to the list of charities. I just published a blog about the Sewing for Charity program and will update the pdf file list of charities with this information.


We were told at Feb sew fun that we could add a charity to the list. I would like to add Hands All Around, a 25+ year LITTLETON charity that has given quilts, book bags, Christmas stockings, to 12 Charities in 2018. Charities include Porter hospice, Gabriel house, heart to heart, marisol home, Mt saint Vincents, sacred Heart house, plus. The 2018 summery is 175 bookbags, 360 doll quilts, 150 small quilts (40×50), Afghans 22, Christmas Stockings 300, Large quilts (60×80 and 70 x 100). small quilt tops 186. Please consider adding this group to your Charity challenge group. Other sew fun ladies who give to this group are Carol Gettle and DeeAnn Pestana, maybe more, they are in Littleton morning with me.