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Well, we celebrate centennials, centuries, 100 episodes, etc., so why not celebrate Cathy the Blogger’s 100 blogs? We reached that milestone with our previous blog, What’s the Buzz? March Events at RMSV.

Do you read our blogs? Well, since you’re reading this, we guess that means you do! For those of you who are new to the blog, or an occasional reader, did you know we post blogs on a variety of subjects?

We post blogs about :

  • Special events
  • In store classes
  • Sew Fun sessions
  • New machines
  • New sewing technologies and software

Instructional Blogs

But did you know we also post instructional blogs? Well, we do!

Want to know how to sew with metallic thread? There’s a blog for that.

Photo of greenapron with upside down penguin. Parts of design have been embroidered with metallic thread.example for 100th blog post

Want to sew out a cute Christmas tree word collage? There’s a blog for that.

Christmas tree word collage example for 100th blog post.

Want to know how to make a tote bag with plastic mesh? There’s a blog for that.

Photo of completed vinyl mesh tote example for 100th blog post

Want to learn how to use the Scan N Cut to apply rhinestones? There’s a blog for that.

Screen shot of the line for the rhinestone path that needs to be deleted.example for 100th blog post

Want to know how to make continuous binding? There’s a blog for that, too.

Drawing of making continuous binding

There are many other instructional blogs that we hope you find useful. Check them out!

100 Blogs; 100 Dollars

photo of $100 RMSV gift card to be awarded by random drawing for comments about 100 blogs

So how should we celebrate Cathy’s 100 blogs? How does a drawing for a $100 RMSV gift card sound? Here’s all you need to do to participate.

In the comments section below, list the title of your favorite blog so far and why it’s your favorite. We’ll pick, by random drawing, from all contributors, one lucky winner of a $100 gift card to RMSV. Comments must be posted by March 18.

The Fine Print

  • Although we welcome your comments on our Facebook and Instagram pages, you must mention your favorite blog in the comments section on this blog to qualify for the drawing.
  • A specific blog must be mentioned (it does not matter which one). You can list the title or just the topic of the blog. We’d also like to know why it’s your favorite blog.
  • Winner must pick up gift card at one of our store locations.
  • Only one entry/person.

100 Blogs Down, Many More to Come

We’re looking forward to writing more blogs, and we’d love some suggestions of topics you’d like to see in the future. You can email those to rockymountain.blogger@gmail.com

28 thoughts on “100 Blogs

  1. I think my favorite blog posts are the ones talking about Sew Fun. I like hearing about all the projects that will be highlighted at the meetings, and seeing all the projects everyone creates and brings for show and tell. I love being able to see the projects from the customers at the other stores.

  2. The continuous binding blog. Why? Cause it just seems like magic and is sooooo much easier than sewing a seam after the fact.

  3. I enjoyed and learned some hints on the metallic thread blog. Have had issues with this in the past. Keep up the good work.

  4. I liked the blog about using metallic thread. I am going to try these suggestions. I also needed the vinyl mesh bag pattern to use the mesh I have in a project.

  5. One of my favorites is Lori Holt’s blog: Bee in My Bonnet. She has great quilting tips and sew alongs.—

    1. We hope you’ll find some great information in our blog as well! I’ll check hers out.Thanks for the comment.

  6. I read your blog every chance I get. My favorite so far has been
    “Shiny and Bright: A Mylar Embroidery Christmas Moose”
    The thing I liked most about it was the info about cutting mylar wirh my Scan n Cut. I have done a few mylar designs but never would have thought of cutting it that way.
    Thanks fo rd the great info, Beverly Pugh

  7. Lovebirds – February 2019. I learned a lot from this post, and it made me think about the interconnectivity of some of my “toys”.

  8. Idon’t think I have a favorite because they are all wonderful and full of information no matter how long a person has been sewing. But having said that I guess I would pick the Continuous Binding happened when I was trying to figure out how to make the binding easier and quicker to make. Lo & behold there it was in the middlenof my frustration so thank you very much.

  9. Want to learn how to use the Scan N Cut to apply rhinestones….. using the scan n cut is a new process for me, and never done rhinestones before so its a win win for learning!

    1. Christmas Word Collage to Embroider was a favorite because I thought it was a beautiful project. I see through the comments that there are a few blog posts of interest that I missed.

  10. I loved the post about the chenille penguin. I had just learned about this technique and I think it’s so cool to see it in action. I liked that you showed some of the tools involved and incorporated a lot of different techniques.

  11. Continuous binding, I liked the directions as they seem clearer than other directions I have seen plus I like how to calculate the yardage needed.

  12. I’m thinking about a “Scan and Cut” purchase- would someone please let me know what the benefits are in having one?

    1. Sara,
      If you do any type of intricate appliques, the ScanNCut makes cutting those a breeze. If you are doing multiple appliques that are the same, once you have everything set up, it’s fast and easy to cut them all out. If you want to make vinyl appliques for t-shirts, glassware or other items, the ScanNCut does a wonderful job. In fact the new ScanNCut (DX) will even cut just the vinyl, leaving the carrier sheet intact for easy peeling of the vinyl from the carrier sheet.
      Since it’s a “Scan”NCut you can scan your artwork to make an applique.
      You can make stencils with the ScanNCut to use for glass etching or painting.

      The ScanNCut DX has an auto sensing blade to determine how much blade depth and pressure is needed for a perfect cut.

      There are add on kits for the ScanNCut if you want to make stamps, stickers, emboss, foil or add rhinestones to your project.
      Here are a couple of links to other blogs that feature the rhinestone, stamps and stickers add on.




      Hope this helps! I don’t think you’d be disappointed if you got a ScanNCut.

  13. For me any blog that mentions Scan and Cut is my favorite. Every year, I focus on one thing to learn. Last year it was my Pfaff Icon, this year it is my Scan and Cut. I have really enjoyed reading your blogs about what this machine can do and I don’t have the new one. I have the 650W and it sat in the case for three years before I could be comfortable with it. Thank you for doing this for us.

  14. I really appreciate your blogs with tutorials and info on the scan n cut. There are so few classes, especially at the Littleton store, and it is hard to find clear, usable information and guidance. I also enjoy your “how to make” blogs, such as the oil cloth placemats. Thanks so much!!!

  15. The Little Miss Muffet is Making a Square Tuffet was one of my favorites. I had seen many round Tuffets, but not a square one. Would make a great gift for my great nieces.

  16. I think my favorite blog is How to Make Printable Fabric. Such a great idea especially for making fabric for kids’ items. I also love the How To’s.

  17. My favorite blog was the one about making the Christmas Tree Collage. I haven’t made one yet, but it is on my to do list.

  18. I am new to the blog. Scanned through a few and found them very interesting. I’ll go back and check some out.

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